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Main Function

Combined automatic welding of cylindrical batteries

Cylindrical battery pack voltage collection nickel sheet and BMS PCB nickel sheet pad automatic welding

Product Characteristics

♦ Automatic welding, uniform solder joints, good consistency, improve the pass rate

♦ Real-time monitoring of welding current, automatic shutdown of false welding or explosive fire alarm

♦ Optional spot welding specification welding (positive and negative pole can set different current)

♦ The coordinate parameters of spot welding can be imported by U Disk

♦ The running mechanism adopts Servo Motor and linear module, and the positioning is accurate

♦ Automatic production quantity collection, showing the current production efficiency

Power AC380 50/60HZ 4KW
Air pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa,Air source must be used when there is a filter device to ensure that the flow of water-free impurities
Standard spot welding power DC spot welding power supply,quantity 1
Welding output current Max 8000A
Spot welding data CAD data import/dot matrix data import/manual input
Run power Servo electric
Adaptive range 14430/14500/18500/18650/21700/26650/26700/32050/32700
Productivity About 4000PCS-5000PCS cells/hour
Max Motor Speed 1000mm/s
Y-axis Travel 0-450MM(Can be customized)
x-axis Travel 0-350mm(Can be customized)
Spot Welding Speed 2-10s
Efficiency 2000-2500PCS/H
Nickness sheet thickness 0.1 mml-0.3 mm
Welidng pin 1.7mm
Display Interface 7-inch color touch screen, Chinese and English display
Equipment dimensions L900*W900*H1630MM
Equipment weight 180KG


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