About BatteryTalks

Being a global leader in power solutions, we offer cutting-edge battery cells, packs, machines, and accessories. We specialize in customizable OEM and ODM services, striving for sustainable, efficient energy for all.


What types of battery cells does BatteryTalks offer?

BatteryTalks offers Li-ion, LiFePO4, and LTP battery cells.

What are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services?

Our OEM services involve the design and manufacture of products based on specific requirements from our clients.

What are the original design manufacturer (ODM) services?

Our ODM services include comprehensive product development—from idea conception, design, prototyping, to final production—under our client's branding.

What machines does BatteryTalks distribute?

We distribute battery cell testing machines, battery pack testing machines, battery cell spot welding machines, sorting machines, and labeling machines.

What types of accessories does BatteryTalks offer?

We offer a varied range of accessories designed to complement our main product lines. The precise types of accessories can vary depending on client needs and device specifications.