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Single Node Battery Cell Spot Welder For Discoid Shaped Nickel Sheet

Single Node Battery Cell Spot Welder For Discoid Shaped Nickel Sheet

Main Function

Cylindrical batteries automatically test the internal resistance of voltage, automatically detect the position of the text, automatically paste high-temperature glue on the side, and automatically weld

Using disc-shaped formed coiled nickel sheets, automatically cut and welded according to the set length

Product Characteristics

♦ Adopting DC welding machine power supply, stable and reliable welding

♦ Adopt imported tungsten steel cutter, durable

♦ Standard tester HK3561

♦ Nickel plate feeding mechanism adopt 6 axis Servo Motor, and the position of nickel plate is digitally set

♦ Good consistency of the verticality of the lead-out film position

Product parameters


Adaptive range 14430/14500/18500/18650/21700 Customizable
power AC220 50/60HZ 8KW
Productivity About 1300PCS cells/hour
Standard spot welding power 5000A DC spot weling power,2 set
Welding output power Max 6000A
Air pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa,Air source must be used when there is a filter device to ensure that the flow of water-free impurities
Spot welding pin 1.5*100mm
Suitable for nickel sheet thickness 0.08-0.15MM
Suitbale nickel sheet max width Customized
Run power 750W Servo control
Control device PLC touch screen control
High temperature glue width 10mm
High temperature glue feeding length 10-20mm
Spot welded nickel sheet exposed length ≥2.5mm
Suitable nickel sheet max outer diameter 500mm
Equipment dimensions L2250*W1700*H1820MM
Equipment weight About 50kg
Certification ISO9001
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