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6pcs SCiB Toshiba Prismatic 2.4V 2.9Ah Cells


Batterytalks LTO cells with High discharge current, fast charging in 6 minutes, super long cycle life and can be reach to 25 years. Working temperature range:-50℃-60℃. Can be used for ESS, start battery pack, solar street light and so on.

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Nominal Voltage 2.4V
Nominal Capacity 2.9Ah
Output Power (W) 420* (SOC:50%,10s 25°C)
Input Power (W) 480*(SOC:50%,10s 25°C)
Dimension (mm) W63*D14*L97
Weight (g) Approx. 150
Energy Density (Wh/L) 81.4
Specific Energy (Wh/kg) 86.4
Output Power Density (W/L) 4909.2
Output Specific Energy (Wh/kg) 2800
Input Density (W/L) 5610.5
Input Specific Power (W/kg) 3200
Discharge Graph
Additional Info

For special applications in which quality and reliability are required, or if the failure or malfunction of the products may directly jeopardize life or cause threat of personal injury such as for weapon, aircraft and aerospace equipment, aircraft electronics equipment, medical equipment (a part of class 2 equipment, class 3 or more equipment), or cause large-scale system troubles, explosion-proof equipment, electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle, and electric motor cycle etc.