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Positive And Negative Electrode Detector For Battery Cell

Positive And Negative Electrode Detector For Battery Cell

Main Function

Cylindrical cells are inserted into the mold or into the bracket, automatically identifying the direction and arrangement of the positive and negative poles of the cells

Prevent emergency errors and short circuit after spot welding to ensure safe production 

Product Characteristics

♦ Parameters set, one-click start detection mode

♦ Simple function setting, easy to understand and operate, without on-site training

♦ The IPC supports the function of sudden power failure, and the database works normally

♦ Local database, mainly for cylindrical cell positive and negative electrode data, other categories are not compatible

Product Parameters
Device function For the cylindrical cell, the positive and negative electrode data are collected by camera, and the positive and negative electrode number and position information are compared with the sample, the result(NG or OK) is quickly analyzed, and the position of NG is marked, in order to confirm the positive and negative electrodes of the battery before entering spot welding, and prevent the bad caused by the wrong position of the positive and negative electrodes.
Power AC220V 0.6KW 50/60HZ
Adaptive cell range cylindrical cell 14430/14500/18500/18650/21700
Adaptive detection range 400*300mm, Customize for a larger sizes
Detection speed 100PCS/1.5s
Detection accuracy The core is not deformed or rusted,100%
IPC I7 processor
Material movement speed 1.5m/min
Dimensions L900*W700*H1600MM
Weight About 80KG
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