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10pcs Battery Talks Cylindrical 18650 3.2V 1100mAh Cells


Batterytalks Prismatic LiFePO4 cells with stable stock and Quality, more than 3500 times cyclelife, excellent consistency, low self-discharg and not hazardous for human, and never explode.usually used for Solar Energy Storage, Home Energy Storage, Boat, Forklift, Industrial Energy Storage, AGV, RV, E-Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Solar Street Lamp Battery

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Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Typical Capacity 1200mAh
Net Weight 40g
Dimension (D × H) 18mm × 65mm
Max. Charge Rate 2C
Continuous Discharge Current 15C ~ 20C
Pulse Discharge Current 40C
Working Charge Temperature 0~50°C
Working Discharge Temperature 3.65±0.03V(0°C~45°C)
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage -20°C~50°C
Life Cycle 2000 cycles to 80% with 100% DOD under normal temperature
Features (1) Long Lifecycle
(2) Low self-discharge
(3) No memory effect
(4) Safe and environment friendly
Discharge Graph
Additional Info

For special applications in which quality and reliability are required, or if the failure or malfunction of the products may directly jeopardize life or cause threat of personal injury such as for weapon, aircraft and aerospace equipment, aircraft electronics equipment, medical equipment (a part of class 2 equipment, class 3 or more equipment), or cause large-scale system troubles, explosion-proof equipment, electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle, and electric motor cycle etc.