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3240 epoxy resin board insulation board for battery pack

3240 epoxy resin board insulation board for battery pack

Product Name Electrical Insulation Material 3240 Epoxy Fiberglass Sheet
Size 1020*1220/1000*2000/1220*2440 mm
Thickness 0.2-50 mm
Tensile strength ≥300 Mpa
Permittivity(50Hz) ≤5.5
Permittivity(1MHz) ≤5.5
Dissipation Factor (50hz) ≤0.04
Dissipation Factor (1Mhz) ≤0.04
Features of Factory epoxy sheet 3240 epoxy fiberglass electrical insulation board

♦ High mechanical & electrical strength

♦ Excellent rigidity & dimensional stability

♦ Good dielectric properties

♦ Low water absorption

♦ Flame resistance

♦ Tighter thickness tolerance

♦ Flat and straight panel

♦ Flat and straight panel

♦ Easy to machine

♦ Great properties, reinforced, smooth surface

♦ Stable electric insulation performance,good flatness

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