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18650 Cylindrical Cell Automatically Paste Insulation Paper And Sorting Machine

18650 Cylindrical Cell Automatically Paste Insulation Paper And Sorting Machine

Main Function

18650 cylindrical batteries automatic stick insulation paper and sorting machine. It is mainly used for the positive electrode stick circular insulation of the cylindrical core and the voltage internal resistance of the test core

Product Characteristics

♦ Insulated highland barley paper is rolled up to reduce waste and save cost

♦ Double manipulator take and release the battery to ensure that the battery is transmitted freely from the channel

♦ Production quantity is collected automatically to show the current production efficiency

♦ The machine is built-in computer screen and data can be stored on the computer or on a U disk

♦ Optional distribution core dynamic tester, actually reflects the core quality and load


Product parameters
Input Power AC220V 50/60HZ 4.2KW
Cell range 14430/14500/18500/18650/21700/26650/327000
Air pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa,No water, no impurities
IR tester HK3560
Optional IR tester HIOKI3561/HIOKI3562/HK3561
Control device PLC touch screen control
Run power 750W Servo electric
Insulation paper Width 100mm plus or minus 1mm,inner diameter of coil 75mm,out diameter of diameter 350 mm
Insulation paper thickness 01mm-0.3mm
Voltage setting 0.00000V-6.0000V
Internal resistance setting 000.00mΩ-999.99mΩ
Certification ISO9001
Productivity About 4500 pcs/h
Channel 10OK,1NG
Test data Store with U disk
Communication interface RS485
Test mode 4-wire system
Test pin DZ100-214A30G
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