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100V10C20F Battery Pack Charge Discharge Tester

100V10C20F Battery Pack Charge Discharge Tester

Main Function

Agree to charge and discharge the battery pack

With constant current and constant voltage charging function

The charge and discharge protection of the battery can be checked whether it is normal or not through the charge and discharge cycle

Product Characteristics

♦ With PC software, USB concentrator and router

♦ The 32-bit ARM chip selected for the aging system has a reaction speed block with high measuring voltage and current accuracy

♦ Pass the data via the PS232 or via the network

♦ The equipment has a constant current discharge function

♦ Fully meet the requirements of the battery pack charge and discharge outlets and charge and discharge outlets

♦ Colleagues can be aging the positive plate charging protection negative plate discharge protection

Product Parameters
Input Power AC 380V 7KW 50Hz/60Hz
Voltage Measuring range 10-100V
Precision ±(0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range)
Electric Current Charging range 0-10A
Charging accuracy ±(0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range)
Discharge range 0-20A
Precision ±(0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range)
Charging Constant voltage cut-off current (minimum)10mA
Capacity Precision ±1‰
Power Discharge power <1400W
Time Inspection time <2S(Receive real-time & LT; 2s)
Timing range 0-999 hours/Step
Data recording interval ≥5S
Median version 1.1 series
Charging Charging mode Constant current and constant voltage charging
Cut-off condition Voltage, current, relative time, overcharge protection
Discharge Discharge mode Constant current discharge
Cut-off condition Voltage, relative time,over-discharge protection
Circulates Cyclic range 1-999
Single cycle number of steps 100
Voltage and current detection sampling Four wire connection
Noise <50dB
Database Using My SQL database to manage test data
Communication Mode of upper computer Based on TCP/IP Protocol, serial port
Data output mode EXCEL,TXT,Chart
Communication interface Mesh opening
Number of channels per cabinet 12
Case size W*D*H:450MM*300MM*170MM
Cabinet size W*D*H:900MM*600MM*1900MM



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