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One Piece CATL Prismatic 3.65V 100Ah Cells


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Download Manual

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Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Nominal Voltage 3.65V
Std. Charge Current 0.5C
Max. Charge Current 1C
Continuous Discharge Current 2C
Peak Discharge Current 3C
Charge Cut-Off Voltage 4.2V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 2.8V
Inner Resistance ≤0.4mΩ
Weight 2.1kg
Dimension Length: 173mm
Width: 126mm
Width: 45mm
Operating Temperature Charging: 0°C ~ 45°C
Discharging: -20°C ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature Optimal store temperature of 23 ± 5°C for long term storage.
Life Cycle >1,000 Times (100% DOD till 80% of initial capacity at 0.2C rate, IEC Standard)
Discharge Graph
Additional Info
  • Do not use or leave the battery at high temperature (for example, at strong direct sunlight or in a vehicle in extremely hot weather). Otherwise, there are dangers of overheat, inflammation, or deterioration of the performance.
  • Do not use the battery in a location where static electricity and magnetic field is strong; otherwise, the safety devices may be damaged, inflicting hazardous outcomes.
  • In case the electrolyte has contact with skin or eyes, flush the electrolyte away immediately with fresh water and seek medical care.
  • If the battery gives off strange odor, generates heat, becomes discolored or deformed, or in any other way abnormal during usage, charging or storage, immediately remove it from the device or battery charger and stop using it.
  • In case the battery terminals are dirty, clean the terminals with a dry cloth before use. Otherwise poor performance may occur due to the poor connection with the instrument.
  • Never incinerate or dispose the cell in fire. These actions may cause inflammation of the cells, which is very dangerous and is prohibited.