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Main Function

Voltage internal resistance test of cylindrical cell

Automatically divide according to the set voltage internal resistance value

Product Characteristics

♦ Automatic production quantity collection, showing the current production efficiency.

♦ Test data can be stored using a USB stick and transferred to a computer.

♦ Optional dynamic testing device for power cell can realize the quality and load performance of power cell.

♦ Equipment debugging is simple, easy to learn and understand, and comes with fault alarm.

Product parameters
Power AC220V 50/60HZ 1.6KW
Air pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa,air source must be used when there is a filter devive to ensure that the flow of water-free impurities
Standard test instrument HK3560
Optional tester HIOKI3561/HIOKI2562/HK3561
Control device PLC Touch screen control
Run power Stepper motor
Adaptive cell range 14430/14500/18500/18650/21700/26650/26700/32650/32700
Productivity About 5000PCS cells/hour
Voltage 0.00000V-6.0000V
Internal resistance 000.00mΩ-999.99mΩ
Optional Gear 8-16 OK,1NG
Test data U disk storage,can be copied to the computer
Communication interface RS485
Test method 4-wire system
Test pin DZ100-214A30G
Equipment dimensions L1100*W930*H1390MM/L2260*W930*H1390MM
Equipment weight About 110/160KG
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