Get Yourself a Battery and Store Energy

Get Yourself a Battery and Store Energy

In parts of the world with variable power supply, it's not a modern or particularly impressive thing. As we move towards a low carbon society with more gadgets, technologies and vehicles running on renewable energy, it’s possible that we’re progressing to see far greater take up of energy storage in the near future.

Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at a time to use later. Battery is a device that stores energy. Energy storage is the conversion of energy from forms difficult to store to more convenient or economically storable forms. The most common example of energy storage is rechargeable batteries which are used to operate phones and many things.

Moving towards a low carbon future, with increasing number of electric vehicles on the streets, the demands on the grid will surely increase, which is what makes energy storage so important for the future soundness of the grid. Energy storage can be a game changer in future. Storing energy is the missing puzzle piece for renewable energy resources, like solar and wind power. If energy is not saved for later use, when the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing, there will be no renewable energy. But with energy storage batteries, you can store energy for later use easily.

About Energy Storage Batteries

Batterytalks made it easier for people by introducing amazing batteries which not only have a long-lasting lifetime but are also very good in quality, environment friendly, non-hazardous to humans and do not burst.

Some of our products are featured below.

1. Yinlong Prismatic 2.3V 33Ah Cells

Yinlong Prismatic 2.3V 33Ah Cells are Lithium Titanate Oxide Battery Cells having a nominal capacity of 33/36 Ah and a Nominal Voltage of 2.3 V. The weight is 1.22kg and has a very long lifetime of over 25,000 cycles. It can be charged super-fast in just 10 minutes and has a wide working temperature range of 50°C - 65°C. The discharge rate is up to 10C. These cells can be used in Energy Storage Systems, solar street-light, start battery pack, and so on.

2. Battery Talks Cylindrical 32700 3.2V 6000mAh Cells

Battery Talks Cylindrical 32700 3.2V 6000mAh Cells are Prismatic LiFePO4 cells with stable stock and quality. They have a lifetime of more than 3500 times cyclelife and are not hazardous for humans, and never explode. They have a Nominal Voltage of 3.2 V and a Nominal Capacity of 6000 mAh. The charging temperature range is 0°C ~ 45°C while the discharging range is -20°C - 60°C. The standard charging time is about 8 hours. These cells can be used for Solar Energy Storage, Home Energy Storage, Boat, Forklift, Industrial Energy Storage, AGV, RV, E-Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Solar Street Lamp Battery.

3. SCiB Toshiba Prismatic 2.4V 20Ah Cells

SCiB Toshiba Prismatic 2.4V 20Ah Cells are Lithium Titanate Oxide Battery Cells having Nominal capacity of 20 Ah and Nominal Voltage of 2.4 V. These cells fully charge in 10 minutes and have a super long lifetime of over 25,000 cycles. They have a wide working temperature range of 50°C - 60°C. The 20Ah LTO cell maintains over 80% of its capacity after 15,000 charge/discharge cycles. These LTO batteries exhibit low deterioration even at float charging (continuous constant voltage charging) in which conventional lithium-ion batteries get damaged. Can be used for Energy Storage System, start battery pack, solar street light and so on.

To see more products, check out the whole collection.

Benefits of Energy storing batteries

Here are some benefits of Energy Storing Batteries:

  • Save Money. Energy storage can spare operational costs in powering the grid, as well as spare money for power consumers who install energy storage in their homes and businesses. People can spare themselves from lost food and medicines, and the problem of not having electricity. in demand response programs when available.
  • Improve Reliability & Resilience. Energy storage can give backup power amid disruptions. Storage gives flexibility for the grid, to guarantee uninterrupted power to consumers, at whatever point and wherever they require it. This flexibility is basic to both reliability and resilience.
  • Integrate Diverse Resources. Energy storage can smooth out the conveyance of variable or intermittent assets such as wind and solar, by storing excessive energy when the wind is blowing and the sun is sparkling, and conveying it when the inverse is happening.
  • Reduce Environmental Impacts. In easiest terms, energy storage enables power to be spared for later, when and where it is most required. This makes efficiencies and capabilities for the electric grid—including the ability to decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Why Choose Us?

Batterytalks provides its customers with amazing batteries which can store energy which can be used later anywhere and anytime. It also provides a long lifetime so that the customers can go care-free. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now.

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